You’re at a wedding and are in line to order a drink. You ask for a glass of merlot and it’s served in a not-entirely-clean champagne flute. Or maybe a cocktail is more your speed and your order is translated into a poorly-mixed lukewarm glass of well vodka and flat tonic. Despite your disbelief, the bartenders think this is perfectly normal.

You’d be insulted, right?

Welcome to drinking beer in the 21st century.

Is this what a 21st-century beer experience should be?

Is this what a 21st-century beer experience should be?

PortaBeer was founded on the belief that beer deserves an excellent experience anywhere. Despite the fact wine and spirits are gaining on beer, the decades-old solutions of hand pumps, jockey boxes, beer tubs, and trash cans have continued to be the standard. Sadly, the industry has not caught up with the meteoric growth in the taste and variety of beer, sticking with 20th-century tools to serve 21st-century consumers.

Who actually cares? We answered that question with a 77,000-person study we did with market research firm Civic Science. We found that the draft consumer is more likely to be:

  • Between 25 and 44 years old
  • Have a college education
  • Earn more than $75,000 annually
  • Own their own home (usually in the suburbs)
  • Prefer to craft beer from national, regional, or local breweries

This is, by any definition, a high-value market.

We’d like to think of our business as a call-to-action to breweries, wholesalers, and those in commercial food and beverage to think differently about they way they serve beer. Not only are they missing an opportunity exceed the frustratingly low expectations of a profitable and influential demographic, but they’re also paying 40-45% more for the privilege.

When it comes to beer, it doesn’t have to be “this is the way we’ve always done it” anymore.

About Albert Ciuksza Jr.

A serial entrepreneur working in consumer-facing start-ups for nearly a decade, Albert is co-founder and CEO of PortaBeer. Beyond his business exploits, he is a lecturer in marketing at his undergraduate alma mater, Saint Vincent College. In addition to holding an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, he has firmly embraced the research that a little drinking unlocks creativity in blog writing.

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